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CAROL BEVILACQUA started laying out ads for The Fishing and Hunting News, drawing dead fish, elk, and motorboat engines. She learned at an early age how to cram the most amount of copy and art into a small space and still have it legible and look good. “Magic” is the only thing that she tells her clients she does. She likes solving the design puzzle, her art ranges from corporate to whimsical. Carol loves the marriage between art, science, and technology, be it through camera, digital programs, paint brush, clay, antique books, found objects, discarded vintage-archival salvagable materials, or any combination of the above—to create an artpiece.

Design and Illustration

Carol has been in the graphic design and illustration field for over 25 years, she has worked as a Senior Artist in the Publication and Art Department at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley. At this hands-on science museum she has designed and illustrated numerous print projects for; exhibits, publications, marketing, and the web. Due to buget cuts, and mass layoffs, the Publication Department was eliminated. She enjoyed working in a collaborative environment with educators, scientists, clients, and artists for twenty-three years. Currently she works as contract designer for her favorite clients, such as; The Berkeley Public Library Foundation, Gourmet Ghetto, and UC Alumni Chorus. She has worked for the Exploratorium, 10 Speed Press, and numerous publications that have been bought, sold, and are probably now defunct.



“I'm working on ceramic sculpture, mosaics, landscape + garden art, and mosaic murals with bas relief.” Using clay as a painted surface, she is painting with glazes, pressing found objects into clay, creating molds, and sculpting small shapes that can be incorporated into a mosaic piece. You can also find her work for sale at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, CA.


Her true love is using various tools that make a lot of noise. She also loves bugging her family and gardening. “I'm obsessed with gardening. I think I can find as many plants as I can fonts. Plants are like typefaces—there are unlimited possibilities—like fonts are a texture pallet, plants are a color pallet. Also shape, size, contrast—I could go on and on. And smells! I wish fonts could have smells! Scratch and sniff fonts! I'd love it.”